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Elliot Nelson – Founder of McNellie’s Group Talks Future of Tulsa | Tulsa Podcast

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Business, Scales & Ales Podcast


On today’s episode of Tulsa podcast Scales & Ales recorded from SnugStudio at the Marshall Brewing Taproom, we are sitting down with Elliot Nelson the founder and CEO McNellies’s Group… what is going on? CHEERS!!



  1. So you are the man, the myth, the legend behind some of Tulsa’s (and My) favorite restaurants. Marshall, let’s go over this list. This is like basically a list of the only places I eat in town: McNellie’s, El Guapo’s, Fassler Hall, Dilly Diner, Yokozuna, The Tavern, Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge, and Elgin Park!
  2. Walk us through what was going on downtown when you decided you were going to build Mcnellie’s?
  3. Where did you get the inspiration and drive to pick that spot where nothing was going on and decide to bet the future on it. Knowing it was going to tough and a long haul. What kept you pushing forward?
  4. Had you ever run a bar or restaurant at this point?
  5. I read in a Tulsa World Article where you said “El Guapo was the one where I had all the screw-ups. But it also made us better.” What are a few of the lessons you learned from the El Guapo experience?
  6. How many employees do you currently have?
  7. To any business owners listening out there, how important are the people that work with you to your ultimate success?
  8. So talk about how you know Eric Marshall. When and how did you guys meet? Can you tell us any insider information into the great mind of the brewmaster himself?
  9. What are a couple of the things that you have accomplished, either business, personal, community, whatever, are you most proud of?
  10. What do you see as the best thing about Tulsa over the past 5-10 years?
  11. Where do you see Tulsa heading over the next 5-10 years?
  12. Are there 1 or 2 limiting factors that you see as holding Tulsa back from what we believe is huge potential?
  13. Do you have a favorite one of your restaurants or would that be like trying to pick your favorite kids? You know, where you actually do have one but you still love the others and don’t want to hurt their feelings?
  14. What is something that you like to do outside of work?
  15. Is there something that you are working on that you are particularly excited about?



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