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Eric & Adam Marshall – Founders of Marshall Brewing Company | Tulsa Podcast

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Beer, Scales & Ales Podcast

Marshall Brewing Company, Tulsa’s 1st Production Craft Brewery

In this episode of the Tulsa podcast Scales & Ales, Marshall Morris and Eric Chupp sit down with Eric Marshall & Adam Marshall to discuss what makes the beer at Marshall Brewing Company so spectacular. Adam Marshall also breaks down how all of the new beer and liquor laws will affect Tulsa patrons and establishments!

  1. So Eric… as you probably know, Adam and I live in the same neighborhood and our kids go to the same school and we met through mutual friends and events and such and I think he is great but I have to tell you…..
  2. I am such a fanboy. I never thought that I would be star struck to sit down with a brewmaster but you literally make my favorite beer on the planet. I absolutely love Sundown Wheat. So thank you for what you have done there. You are like my urban shaman and your sweet wheat heaven’s nectar is what I am looking for after a long day… so again, I thank you.
  3. So, we are here in the snug, at The Tap Room at Marshall’s Brewing Co. and I have to tell you, this place is legit. It’s a great mix of bar and family friendly fun with the great beer, TV’s, food trucks, the wall of games, the snug. It is such a great idea. So can you guys explain to the listeners what the snug is? So they we will know why we titled it “the Snugcast”?
  4. So Eric, Is The Tap Room something you have always wanted to do… what inspired you to build this place?
  5. Eric, as I understand it, you went to Germany and earned International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the World Brewing Academy. That sounds pretty epic, there’s really a WORLD BREWING ACADEMY?
  6. So Adam has told me a few things about your time in Germany and it sounds amazing so I am coming in hot with a line of questions about that time in your life:
  7. Give us a breakdown of the timeframe when you were there. How old were you, what years were you there? Were you single/married? What was going on with you?
  8. While you were there studying what did that process look like? Walk us through what a typical day was like.
  9. What do yo miss most about living in Germany?
  10. And when did you know you wanted to start Marshall Brewing Company?
  11. What does it mean to be Tulsa’s 1st Production Craft Brewery?
  12. Now Adam, did Eric always like beer this much?
  13. Now Adam, as a subject expert on the legality of brewing beer, why is there so much hype around Oklahoma Question 792? It passed in the 2016 general elections, and just started October 1, 2018,. What’s the big deal?
  14. As part of Oklahoma Question 792, any establishment with a beer and wine license will be permitted to sell beer of up to 9% ABV as well as wine up to 15% ABV, under refrigeration. How does that affect you guys and other breweries?
  15. What does it mean for on-premise sales versus off-premise sales?
  16. How have hours been affected with the places that sell alcohol?
  17. Am I totally wrong here or did you tell us at one point that it is legal and we are allowed to, get this Marshall, walk around outside while drinking beer in town? Please correct me if I am wrong and if this is some kind of joke you are playing on me it is not funny!
  18. What are the most common misconceptions when it comes to the laws of brewing beer?
  19. Adam’s Powerpoint –
  20. Adam, Is there something you are working on right now or something you are passionate about that you would like for people to check out or go and learn about?
  21. Eric, same questions what is something that you would to  promote or spread the word about or something you would like for the people out there to go and do? Obviously now that your beer is available pretty much everywhere we want people to go out and buy it. But is there anything else you would like to share?
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